Friday, August 13, 2010

My Book of Flowers by Princess Grace of Monaco

I decided to recommend a book that is very precious to me . Sadly I realized it is still packed away ,waiting for our rebuilding to get done.
Anyway I decided to see what they had online about the book. there was a lot so I picked a few.

Princess Grace was the author of "My Book of Flowers," published in 1980. The book is a comprehensive work about the flowers and plants of Monaco, floral history and legends, and the princess's own enthusiasm for pressed flowers. Princess Grace initiated the Garden Club of Monaco and was a respected authority on plants and flowers.

This review is from: My Book of Flowers (Hardcover)
Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco, is recognized as an international judge of flowers. Having initiated the Garden Club of Monaco over ten years ago, Princess Grace also conducted classes in floral arrangement. Her knowledge and skill in this area soon evolved into an interest in pressed flower arrangements.In this book, richly illustrated with artwork and lavish color photography, Princess Grace now shares her knowledge and sense of floral asthetics with beauty lovers everywhere. She discloses the secrets of flower pressing, discussing both materials needed and her own simple techniques for achieving some unique and enduring arrangements. Princess Grace suggests the place of flowers in art, literature, poetry, mythology, ballet, and opera, offering many practical uses for flowers and herbs, as beauty aids, home remedies, culinary treats, sachets, potpourris, and perfumes.
The result is a book that captures a sense of the timelessness of flowers - a book to enchant the eye and ravish the spirit. From Monaco's multihued roses to the delicate edelweiss growing on the crags of the nearby Alps, Princess Graces has looked into the very heart of these flowers, where she found in the intricate loveliness of nature a symbol of creation and the beauty of life.

Find the book , you will not be disappointed .

Now for a tip from Princess Grace that I have tried and feel works well.
I used egg whites to glue and seal this picture and almost a year later it looks as nice as the day I made it!
I simply saved my egg shells from breakfast in a plastic container in the frig... then used a small paint brush to apply the whites. after air drying , I placed a piece of glass with light weight on it over night to finish drying and keep from it wrinkling.
It was put in a cheap frame ,no other sealing tricks and placed in an indirect-light area for observation. I am pleased to say it worked well. Thanks Princess Grace !

Last but definitely not least a tribute to Grace with flowers
blog about Grace Kelly and flowers /a must see
Happy Pressing


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