Saturday, October 20, 2012

Old trick for sensitive petals

Hello everyone it has been a long while since I posted here . Life has been a crazy one for me this year to say the least.
I did an experiment that I just Had to take time to share with everyone .

 Nature Club of Pakistan started the 1st ever Pressed Flower group there . They have asked the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild members to help educate people there and share art with them too.
For over 2 years now we  members have sent pictures ,paper crafting materials and such to help spread the education of Pressed flower Art and preservation of flowers .
The art will be displayed there at the beautiful Lahore Museum in Feb of 2013 . What an honor!
I sent 2 pictures as I did last year .You can find them on the blog here too :>)
This year I was trying to think of materials that should be found world wide and I decided to do something that I had read about before and tried 1st nearly 2 year ago.
A tip from Grace Kelly /Princess Grace of Monaco the author of "My Book of Flowers," published in 1980. here is more about that and a picture of the one i tried before too.
Yep I used egg whites for glue on these flowers and almost no change at all in almost 2 years !
glued with egg whites

I wanted to make a picture that shared Peace on Earth and I knew what i had in mind ...the thing was I wanted to use Hydrangeas !
 As anyone knows that tries to use these petals they are tricky ! Very sensitive to glues and sealers .
I have tried Many tricks before that are hit and miss... botanical glue ...or double sided tape works okay for somethings, but it can be a pain too, plus expensive  and that still doesn't solve sealing?
  So I thought about the egg whites ... I had plenty of petals to experiment with so I figured it was a good time to try it!
1st I simply cracked 2 eggs (used for breakfast)  and saved  Only the shells with the little bit of whites left on inside, in a zip lock bag , put in frig till I was ready to use it !
When ready to use as glue and sealer I used a paint brush to apply the whites on paper heavy add petal smooth out and then used it to seal the petal in place . As the pic below shows I did one petal at a time till the Earth was covered  with water !.
 The petals were greenish blue ...I thought that would be good for the water .
Once all were glued in place sealing too as i went ... I then spread a even coat over all of it .
I let this air dry about 20 to 30 minutes ,then you cut to shape!
After that put it a phonebook to keep from curling up till ready to use in picture .
It even kept perfect color after lamination and I have had it turn brown under heat before in spots.

Now the next pic I made I used regular  glue stick on these figured it was something they could find easily too and ONION skins !
 As I mentioned before trace your circle on both side so it is easier to cut .

 Cover and let dry then cut and add to design

Thanks for coming by the blog if you have any questions feel free to ask ?
Peace Terica
Here is a link to a previous post of the Pakistan Program


  1. That is fascinating! I’ve heard of using egg membranes but I thought people only did that a long time ago because glue wasn’t invented. That is very useful to know! Thank you!

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