Sunday, April 3, 2016

Looking at my Art and want to smash something!

For a few years now my artwork has been put on the back burner working hard as a volunteer with a wonderful group of grassroot Naturalist/activist here in Sanford of Lee county NC and now surrounding areas too. We are called

To keep my sanity I have continued to press (smashing can be theraputic ) but seldom took time to do art. What little I did I shared here at facebook
One goal for this year is to get people to love nature and what grows on earth . To want to nurture and protect it . 
First we started selling plants at the farmers' market . 
Now this year with working with kids 

SO What better way than to teach them how to preserve nature's beautiful plants and flowers? 
   I decided to start sharing my passion for pressing flowers and hope others may find some pleasure learning to press and create with petals and leaves . 

 So I am sharing some of my pieces from the past and hope you enjoy looking through them .
Hopefully I will be sharing new things soon.
Peace and happy Pressing, Terica 

Click any of the pictures to see them close up!

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