Presses and How to

 These are links to some of my blogs here on different presses and how to press. Hope it helps. Feel Free to ask questions

Solar Pressing , put your presses in a hot car and speed the drying time .

Turn the light on in your stove and put your presses in there to speed up drying time. Just make sure you put tape or something on the oven control . nothing worse than burning presses!




How to make a book press



  1. Hello and congratulations! You reminded me of an old similar habbit I used to have of drying flowers to use for my school bookmarks. I just started a blog and this theme is my first publish. I would like to ask permission to use some of your photos and help others who might be intersted, how to do it themselves... I aslo have to translate it in Greek cause the blog is a greek-language one... Is it ok with u? Pls contact me the soonest possible. Thank you! Oh I forgot to refer the name of my blog which is But you will see nothing there yet. My themes are comming soon, still working on them. Have a very nice day!

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